For more information, please give us a call: 954-457-3683


What programs do you provide?
We offer programs that focus on professional care and supportive community-based programs for the intellectually disabled.
Who is eligible to benefit from your programs?
Because we offer several programs, eligibility may vary between care recipients. Please read about our services/programs in more detail. We also outlined the different limitations for each program. For a more thorough eligibility assessment, please call 954-457-3683.
Are your services available 24/7?
Cari-American Services, Inc. offers services daily, 24 hours a day. Please set a schedule for service delivery when you talk to your care coordinator.
How can I make an appointment for a consultation?
You can call 954-457-3683 and ask to speak to a care coordinator or case manager.
Can I refer a family member or a friend to your company?
Yes. If your family member or friend has an intellectual disability, he or she may be referred to us. Please call 954-457-3683 for more information.

Service Areas We Cover

Cari-American Services, Inc. is licensed to provide services in Florida’s southeast and southern regions. Click Here »

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